About Us
What is ​Your Dance Fest?

People think that dancers are the experts on dance, but that’s not totally true. We may be the experts on how to make dance, but you, our audience, are the experts on how to watch dance.

Your Dance Fest is about making an event that is all about you, the dance watching experts. We want you to tell us what you want to see, and then we’ll make it happen. We’re asking you to be our editors so that the final product is something you find interesting.

Usually the work shown at a dance festival is chosen by other dancers (since we’re considered the “experts”). Instead, what we do at Your Dance Fest is we have a group of community members who think dance is cool, but might not know much about it, as our main curators. What we’ve found is that people who aren’t “dancers” give some of the most honest and genuine feedback about dance. We want to encourage those types of discussions!
What to expect
Most importantly, a really fun time! Our primary goal is to bring people together so expect to meet and chat with lots of new faces. We encourage questions and feedback at all times because, as the name suggests, this is Your Dance Fest!

Some of the events at the festival include:

- live dance performances by the dancers selected by our community curators
- dance classes for all ages and abilities
- draws for great free swag from our community sponsors
- opportunities to meet and talk with our dance artists

All festival events are under $20 in price. Many are even free or Pay-What-You-Can! Be sure to check out our festival lineup for further details.
How Your Dance Fest Works​
We know our programming process isn’t the norm. So here’s how we go about making the festival happen.

  • We assemble a team of artists who are passionate about connecting with the community and a team of community members who are interested in dance. We bring these two groups of people together to talk about what dance means to them and to ask questions about what it is like to make and watch dance.
  • Our team of artists receive applications from dancers interested in presenting work at the festival. The artists review all submissions to assure they meet our submission guidelines and are projects which we are logistically able to support.

  • Our community members (community curators) are paired with one of our artists and they work together to review all viable submissions. The artist’s role is this stage is to help the community curator to explain their feelings about what they are seeing. We know that talking about dance can be unfamiliar for some people so the artist is there to offer support and resources.
  • We compile the feedback given to us by our community curators and see which submissions were most popular and why. Based off of the community curators’ feedback we make our final programming choices.
  • When responding to the dancers who applied we make sure that all the artists receive feedback about their submissions. Whether selected for the festival or not, we believe this feedback can really help artists better understand how audiences are seeing their work.