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random acts of da​nce presents 
Your Dance Fest
Chosen by the community. Created by artists.


I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University where I concentrated in photography studies. In the summer of 2017 I decided to work with my parents’ in their management training and consulting company. So, as a part of that shift I’m studying at George Brown College towards a Teaching Adults Certificate. I’m working with a corporate training organization called Box of Crayons as a part of my new journey. ​​​​​

What is the first dance experience you remember?
One of the most memorable dancing moments for me was watching Jamee Valin dance to Neil Young’s Old Man at The Rivoli (I think it was). She was in pijamas and there was a bed on the stage. It was very fun, spunky, lighthearted, and funny! I finally felt like I could connect with dance.

What is one big question you have about dance?
How often is the choreograph/er/y trying to depict or recreate an emotion or feeling? Can contemporary dance be without a concept?​

You can check out Chloe's photography work by following her on instgram: @chloenphoto


Primarily I work in theatre and have been attending shows as an audience member since I was child.  I tend to focus on plays and some musical theatre.  I love work that blurs the line between reality and fiction; I also enjoy dialogue, story and characters.  As a theatre creator, I have most frequently been a producer, writer and stage manager.  I have a B.A. from York University, was born and raised in Toronto, and I am avid reader, an amateur foodie and a bit of a film buff.

Why did you want to be involved in Your Dance Fest?
Having attended YDF last year, I witnessed the diverse audience who came to the Festival.  They took part in new works in new styles that they may not already be familiar with.  They expanded their horizons.  That experience of expansion is part of why I want to curate. Becoming a community curator for YDF challenges me to see the world (and the works) in a slightly different way.  To contemplate the way that the piece might affect an audience, the order that the works might be presented in, the space in which the Festival takes place... they all impact what could and should be chosen and those are ideas that I want to consider.

What is one big question you have about dance?
How do music and dance sync up – why that particular choice of unison movement and rhythm or the choice of dissonance?  And how does that impact the way an audience responds?


I’m an art director full-time and illustrator on the side. I’m a big admirer of the arts and love all things creative. While I don’t dance myself, but I’ve grown up around many friends who have been involved with dance or even still perform/ compete.  

What is the first dance experience you remember?
The first dance experience I recall was watching local community dance teams perform at my high school years ago. I was a great show was really the first time I saw the a live choreographed performance.

What is one big question you have about dance?
One thing I’ve always wondered about dance is where/ how dancers come up with their intricate routines. Especially starting from a blank slate and building upon it. 

Anything else you would like to share with people? ​
I’m a simple fella. I admire all things creative, travel-related and all things nonsensical. If anyone wishes to take a peek into the random life I live/ share with the world, feel free to follow my Instagram @homeroomhero.


My love for dance came from a love for music, and a love for connecting my body to rhythms. I also enjoy visual arts, and dabble in film photography and abstract painting. When I’m not trying to find ways to create you can often find me with my head in a book!  

What is one big question you have about dance?

What is the role of dance in developing the collective memory of a community? How can dance be used to challenge societal norms and unify voices?

Why did you want to be involved in Your Dance Fest?

To learn about different forms of dance, and to also begin to understand how movement can be used in artistic expression. 


I am a singer and a teacher
What is the first dance experience you remember ?

I remember taking ballet classes as a young child. It wasn't something I continued regularly as I got older. I do have experience dancing but mainly as a music the- atre performer. I've always considered myself more of a mover than a dancer.

What is one big question you have about dance?

Why does dance seem so elitist? You're either in the know or you're not. Why doesn't it seem accessible to everyone?


I love to travel and experience new things as often as possible. I've been in Toronto since 2009 and I love that I will always have more to discover.  
What is the first dance experience you remember?

I can remember dancing around the house with my mom, probably from the time I could stand or walk.  It's always been a fun, informal pastime that makes me incredibly happy.
What is one big question you have about dance?

Why don't more people do it?  Why are adults so obsessed with perfection or being cool, that they don't just experience joy?

Anything else you would like to share with people? 
I'm currently taking millinery classes and have fallen in love with hat making.